About our new Prayer Wall

We are trying this out as an alternative to our current prayer request method via connection card (though you are always welcome to use that). Since this is new, here are some pointers.

There are two components to the prayer request submittal. The first is PUBLIC VISIBILITY. This is what will display at the bottom of the prayer page, and anyone who views the page can see it. There are four options:

  • Make everything public: Your name, contact info, and prayer request will all be visible.
  • Hide my name, email, and phone: Your prayer request will show up, but it will be listed as anonymous. People can pray specifically for your request, though they might not know who it is for.
  • Hide my prayer request: Your name and contact info will show up, but the prayer will be listed as confidential. People can pray for you in general without knowing specifics.
  • Make everything private: Nothing will show up on the prayer wall, it will strictly be visible behind the scenes (see below).
  • Note: Your email address is required (we are unable to change that setting). However, if you don't want your email to be displayed but still want your name visible, you are welcome to enter the church email instead (connect@rockfordrc.org). The only down side is that you will not receive notifications if someone clicks the "praying" button, and if we don't already have your contact info, we may not be able to respond to you. Phone number is optional, so you can leave that blank if you wish.

The second component is STAFF VISIBILITY. There are two options:

  • Let everyone know: "Everyone" in this case is just the church office (Laura) and the pastor (Tim).
  • Hide my name, email, and phone: The prayer request will show up to us as anonymous.
  • Note: If you have chosen to have your prayer request show up on the prayer wall, there is no need to let us know who you want it directed to, since it will be visible to everyone. If you choose to keep the prayer request confidential from the prayer wall, it would be helpful to include in the prayer request if it is just for the pastor, or if you want it forwarded on to your elder, consistory, staff, etc.

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