Someday Through Every Day

RRC's Vision 2028



Someday the kingdom of God will fully come and there will be no more darkness. But we are not there yet. It is a destination seemingly far away and impossible to reach, a trek of a thousand miles with pitfalls and setbacks along the way. Yet we have assurance that we will get there, so every day we take steps. Some small, some bold.


Every day, we see our neighbors, co-workers, and friends comfortably traveling through life and yet restless, lost, isolated, and searching. In this landscape of darkness, we will be a light. Over the next eight years, we will turn from our paths of self-centered, tiny-world busyness to join a shared path of others-centered kingdom sacrifice. The gospel will fuel a movement of bold love, genuine concern, and radical hospitality.


Every day, we will work to develop and deploy leaders. By the year 2028, we will raise up 300 gospel guides equipped to lead others on their life journey into the light of joy and Christ-contentment. A gospel-centered discipleship pathway will train us for organic outreach and compel us to relentlessly pursue and draw people in who are wandering in a darkness of anxiety, loneliness, and discontentment.


Christ-centered worship will unite, encourage, and empower us for the mission. We will pray, strategically start two new churches in the greater Rockford area, and not be dissuaded until we see the stunning renovation of marriages, families, workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods for the glory of Jesus.


This is our someday. We get there through the every day.