At the heart of our spiritual life at Rockford Reformed Church is the gospel, the good news that shapes lives and defines us as a community of faith. Central to our weekly rhythm of living out this gospel is our time spent together in worship, where we are reminded of God's grace, love, and faithfulness. As we gather to worship, we not only sing praise to God, but we are also of the gospel's truths, and we encourage each other in our journey towards Christlikeness.

Our Worship Team Ministry plays an essential role in this gospel-centered worship. Made up of people who are dedicated and talented in many different areas, the Worship Team helps create a space where we as a congregation can engage in a time of worship through singing, and they help us to focus our hearts and minds on worshiping God with music and singing.

We are always looking to add more volunteers. If you are interested in serving in any of these areas, please contact Mike Fisk for more information.

Finally, please pray for our worship ministry volunteers. They commit and sacrifice a lot of their time each week to make our Sunday morning service happen. We encourage you to seek these volunteers out and thank them for all they do to make our gospel-centered worship happen each week.

Roles within the Worship Team Ministry

  • Band Members: Musicians that play a variety of instruments that accompany our singing and help us in focusing our hearts and minds on worshiping God.
  • Vocalists: Singers who lead us as a congregation in singing praises and facilitating a gospel-centered spirit of worship, helping us focus our worship on God.
  • Sound Techs: People who help manage the audio side of things, both for the live stream and the main sanctuary. They ensure the best sound quality during worship services, and help us concentrate on worshiping God.
  • Video Directors: These are those who oversee the video production of the worship service, coordinating camera angles, shots, and transitions to create a seamless and engaging worship experience for those watching online, helping us focus our hearts and minds on worship, while at home.
  • Camera Operators: People who operate the cameras during the worship service, capturing different angles and perspectives to create an engaging time of worship for our online worshipers, helping us focus our minds on worship.
  • ProPresenter Operators: Volunteers who manage and display lyrics on the screens during the worship. They help us, as the congregation, to easily follow along and participate in singing and worshiping God.