Intergenerational Educational opportunities

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm beginning September 28, 2022

(dinner before classes begins at 6)

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Summer Schedule:

  • April 20: We will review and work toward some more application related to our Easter Sunday sermon. We will also take some time for people to share a bit of how God is at work in their heart and life. And then, we will close our time with prayer for God’s Spirit to continue his great work of renewal in and through us. Join us! Dinner: spaghetti & meatballs, salad, veggies
  • May 4: Join us tonight to further discuss what it means to disciple others in our everyday lives and how we become the “Gospel Guides” from our 2028 vision. Dinner: burgers, tater tots, salad
  • May 18: In follow-up to our sermon on Sunday (Colossians 1:24-29, Call Me Crazy), Pastor Tim will provide some additional teaching and lead a discussion around some of these questions: How can we choose the hard road of obedience, sacrifice, and suffering? What does this look like? What are we having to overcome and how can we do it? How can there be joy in suffering and sacrifice? What is God’s purpose for our suffering and how does it powerfully work in and through us? It should be a great night! Dinner: pulled pork, potato salad, salad, watermelon
  • June 1: In follow-up to our sermon on this past Sunday (Romans 13:11-4), we will dig a bit deeper and learn how to kill sin and win the battle for our soul. How can we become better equipped for the war that rages for control of our hearts and lives? And then, we will also look forward to the sermon for this coming Sunday based on Psalm 32. How does confession and repentance fit into the battle for our soul and killing sin? Why and how do we confess? How does God work through our confession? Join us for making some great progress in loving Jesus. Dinner: meatball subs, mac-n-cheese, salad
  • June 15: We will go back to Psalm 32 and talk about “Covering and Confessing.” Why is confession and getting our sins covered so vital for our faith journey? Why do we struggle with it? What are some of the alternatives that we turn to for covering our shame and guilt? How does confession and covering change us? How do we do it and not do it well? What does it look like when we are practicing confession and repentance? What are some evidences that confession and covering are not a part of your heart and life? How does real confession and covering wonderfully change our hearts and lives? I look forward to our time together! Pastor Tim. Dinner: chicken salad croissant, pasta salad, dinner salad
  • July, August 3 & 17 (no meetings)
  • August 31: TBA