Organic Discipleship Series

Everyone is invited to join us for an 8-week journey called Organic Discipleship beginning January 9, 2022. Our journey together will include a sermon series, small group studies, a spiritual growth assessment, and we will focus on following Jesus in the areas of Bible engagement, passionate prayer, wholehearted worship, humble service, joyful generosity, consistent community, and organic outreach. You can begin with your reading and study by picking up an Organic Discipleship book today. God’s Spirit is wonderfully at work here at RRC. Pray that his Spirit will work to transform our hearts and lives as we embark on this journey of growth together!

Spiritual growth will naturally lead believers outward to engage the world with the good news and truth of Jesusl


How do I know I am going deeper in my Christian faith?

The Bible gives a clear picture of things that keep us growing to be more like Jesus. When each of these things is increasing, we grow closer to Jesus and follow Him into the world with His love and good news!


1. Bible Engagement

2. Passionate Prayer

3. Wholehearted Worship

  • Jan. 30, Chapters 10-12
  • Praising and celebrating God's goodness with His people, in the flow of life
  • sermon
  • small group video

4. Humble Service

  • Feb. 6, Chapters 13-15
  • Helping others in the name of Jesus in the church and around our community
  • sermon
  • small group video

5. Joyful Generosity

  • Feb. 13, Chapters 16-18
  • Increasing our love for giving and sharing all God has placed in our care
  • sermon
  • small group video

6. Consistent Community

  • Feb. 20, Chapters 19-21
  • Expanding our engagement in fellowship with God's people in the church and around the world
  • sermon
  • small group video

7. Organic Outreach

  • Feb. 27, Chapters 22-24
  • Impacting the world with the good news of Jesus through our prayers, actions, and words
  • sermon
  • small group video