• Prayer Partners Online

    Mondays, 7pm via zoom

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    The weekly zoom prayer meeting takes place on Mondays at 7pm. All are welcome (youth and adults) to attend anytime, no commitments are required. As much as we can, we should pray with others formally and informally in a gathered worship. Substance of prayer is to continue a conversation with God, and to know him intimately. This can happen best in community.

    Rob Yamamoto will be coordinating the prayer meetings. These will be open forum meetings which will include “frontline prayers” and “maintenance prayers”. Our prayers are to be an honest statement of our needs and then thanksgiving for the fact that the Lord has heard us and will act for our ultimate good and peace beyond our understanding will flood our hearts. Prayer is a time to meditate on creative, positive thoughts about Christ and what He is able to do. 

    This is to be a non-stressful gathering of God’s people. There is no pressure for you to pray out loud. Let the Holy Spirit lead you in praying verbally or in silence. With zoom, you can mute your audio and video and still be in attendance. We start at 7, but you may enter or leave the meeting at any time.