• REAL Men

    Fridays, 7-8am in the Fireside Room

    REAL is a group of men of all different ages and backgrounds that are committed to building Relationships with one another through Encouragement, Authenticity, and Love. We are passionate about growing in Christ and supporting one another in our faith journey and we hope you'll join us. It is not exclusive to RRC, so invite others!

    What is REAL?

    • Relationship – God created to us to be in fellowship, and when we share in life, we experience the fullness of the life he created for us.
    • Encouragement – God has enriched our lives with experiences that are not just for us. The blessings and tribulations of our lives are also intended to enrich the lives of others.
    • Authenticity – We are perfectly loved by God and our need for acceptance is found in Him alone. This frees us to express ourselves as who we are, not as who we wish we were.
    • Love – With humility and grace towards others as God does with each of us.

Extraordinary Joy

Video series from RIGHTNOW MEDIA

From the backdrop of life in Uganda, Kelly Miller describes how following Jesus with the right perspectives takes us on a journey of supernatural love and extraordinary joy. His teaching in this five-part series will expand our understanding of suffering, the tension between God’s grace and our efforts to perform, obedience in a me-first culture, and leveraging the Holy Spirit’s power to accomplish all He calls us to do.