• Trunk-or-Treat

    Sunday, October 29, 2023, 6-7pm behind the gym

    It's almost Trunk or Treat time again! We are inviting families and/or individuals to "host" a trunk, and encourage you to think of ways to make your trunk interactive since we do not have space for an indoor fall carnival this year. Consider having a game or activity to do as part of your trunk's theme. Costumes are not required but are encouraged for hosts. If you have an especially elaborate trunk decoration planned and expect to need more than one parking spot, please leave a comment on your sign up.

    Trunk or Treat will take place from 6-7pm on Sun, Oct 29. THIS WILL BE INSTEAD OF FOCAL POINT/YOUTH GROUP/KIDLIFE CLUB that evening. No dinner will be served, but you can look forward to Robinette's cider and donuts (and if you choose to make that your dinner no one needs to be the wiser!). 

    Above you will find a link to sign up to host a trunk or to donate candy. When you sign up to host you may leave a comment with your expected trunk theme, or you may keep it a surprise. Candy donations will need to be received by Fri, Oct 27. There will be a box to receive donations by entrances B and D. We will have a contest with votes cast for the following:

    • Best Theme
    • Best Game/Activity
    • Best Costumes
    • Most Creative

    Reminder – It goes without saying (but we will say it anyway):

    • No toy weapons or gory costumes
    • Cars must be turned off for the event
    • All "treats" must be either pre-packaged & purchased food items or non-food items (e.g., stickers, glow sticks, bubbles)
    • Parents are responsible for their own children
    • No open flames, fireworks, flammable liquids, etc as part of your trunk decorations